Flower Profile: Cyclamen


At this time of year we stock plenty of large and small Cyclamen plants in our shop as we feel they make lovely, lasting, decorative gifts. Here is a little info on these fabulous plants:

• In the past Cyclamen were the Christmas Plant of the Victorian era, and have been making quite a comeback in recent years.

• The name ‘cyclamen’ is most likely to have originated from the Greek word circle, which could refer to the round corm from which it grows. Other names it can be known of include: Poor Man’s Orchid, Alpine Violet and Persian Violet.

• Cyclamen have uniquely shaped flowers that usually have 5 petals that can be single, double or ruffled.

• They are usually found in shades of red, white, mauve, pink, purple and sometimes as two-toned petals • When purchasing, ensure that the buds are just beginning to open so that you get the most value from the plant as possible.

• Place in a medium light, but not direct sun as this will shorten the plants life. • Water from a tray underneath the plant as it will be susceptible to rot if watered from the top.

• Cut off dead flower stalks to encourage new flowers to emerge.

We hope this little insight, and care advice helps when you are choosing, and caring for your Cyclamen. However we are always available for any further advice or questions.

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