Christmas Workshop

Due to popular demand we are happy to announce our annual Christmas workshop!  During this years event we will be demonstrating how to create a fresh or artificial table centerpiece in a terracotta pot, with a candle in the middle. You will then get the opportunity to create your own similar arrangement.  It will take place in the shop on Wednesday 26th November between 8-8pm.  Please do pop into our friendly shop in Hythe, or phone to book your space.  The cost is £50.00 per person, payable at the time of booking, to include all materials and refreshments. Looking forward to seeing you there Love Jane, Steph and Miriam xx

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Preparing for Valentine’s Day at Jane Bidwell Flowers

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and like many other florists, the orders have already started coming in! It takes over a month in the shop to prepare for one of the single busiest days in the floral industry. In early January I start work with my floral team to create ideas for Valentines inspired bouquets, hand-tied’s and arrangements. I also look back on the previous year’s sales to gauge the amount of roses I will need to order. By mid January I begin to work with my suppliers to secure a good rate on the most popular Valentine’s Day Flower – the red rose. This ensures I am able to sell my red roses at a very competitive price. I also order in a vast selection of sundries, such as rose boxes, red ribbons and a lovely selection of cellophanes.Around this time I get promotional posters printed, and make sure the Jane Bidwell Flowers website has a Valentines banner on the front page. Towards the end of January my team and I begin to prepare containers with oasis, clean all new vases, prepare cellophane wraps, makeup lots of florist bows and shred vast amounts of ribbon to use as tie! Every morning on the week of Valentines, we arrive at market at 5.00am so that we can get the freshest flowers for our customers. A day or two before Valentine’s Day, boxes and boxes of roses arrive at the shop and it takes all my staff members a good day to strip them all of their thorns!!! They are then conditioned and treated so that we can sell them at their prime. On the day itself we can have up to 5 drivers delivering all over The Waterside area, Marchwood, Totton, and Southampton. We also have 3-4 florists in the shop making up hand-tieds, bouquets and arrangements forthe last minute purchaser!!! I hope this has given you a little insight into the workings of my shop before, and during one of my busiest times. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on 023 8084 4114. Jane x

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Jane Bidwell's Tips for Extending the Life of Cut Flowers

Whether it's a bouquet of beautiful #Valentines roses from your partner, a friendly bunch of daffodils from your best friend, or some freshly cut hydrangeas from your garden, all of us at JBF love to see a vase of fresh flowers.  So with this in mind I thought it would be a good idea to share my top tips on how to keep the flowers from my shop in #Hythe #Southampton looking fresher for longer in your home.

If you've recieved your flowers as a bouquet or hand-tied from Jane Bidwell Flowers, you will notice that the stems are held together with a ribbon tie.  This is what I call a tie-point, and one of my florists will have already removed any petals or leaves below this line.  This is to help the water in your vase stay cleaner.

Once you've unpacked your flowers, fill a vase 3/4 full with lukewarm water, then add half a sachet of florist flower food (attached to the side of your bouquet/hand-tied) and mix until dissolved.  The flower food we supply provides nutrients to help keep your flowers fed and happy!                                        JBF TIP: Always, always use a clean vase that hs been washed in hot sopay water and rinsed wel to help remove ay pesky bacteria.

Next, use a sharp pair of scissors to cut a half inch off the base of each stem diagonally. before placng your stems in the vase of water.  A nice clean diagonal cut ensures the surface area of the stem is maximized so that the cells of the stem can absorb as much water as they need.    JBF Tip: It's a good idea to trim a little bit from the stems at least every other day to help the flowers receive a stedy flow of nutrients and water.        

When choosing a locaion for your flowers in your home, it is a good idea to choose a slightly shaded place away from heat sources or drafts to ensure longevity.

To keep your flowers happy, healthy and fresh for as long as possible, I recommend that you cut a fresh stem end, and empty, wash and refill the vase with warm water and flower food every couple of days.  This helps to get rid of any bacteria, thus prolongs the flowers life.

With all these life-extending flower tips that have worked for me and the florists in my shop, i'd really love to hear any tips that have worked for you.

Hope to see you soon.

Love Jane x




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Flower Profile: Cyclamen


At this time of year we stock plenty of large and small Cyclamen plants in our shop as we feel they make lovely, lasting, decorative gifts. Here is a little info on these fabulous plants:

• In the past Cyclamen were the Christmas Plant of the Victorian era, and have been making quite a comeback in recent years.

• The name ‘cyclamen’ is most likely to have originated from the Greek word circle, which could refer to the round corm from which it grows. Other names it can be known of include: Poor Man’s Orchid, Alpine Violet and Persian Violet.

• Cyclamen have uniquely shaped flowers that usually have 5 petals that can be single, double or ruffled.

• They are usually found in shades of red, white, mauve, pink, purple and sometimes as two-toned petals • When purchasing, ensure that the buds are just beginning to open so that you get the most value from the plant as possible.

• Place in a medium light, but not direct sun as this will shorten the plants life. • Water from a tray underneath the plant as it will be susceptible to rot if watered from the top.

• Cut off dead flower stalks to encourage new flowers to emerge.

We hope this little insight, and care advice helps when you are choosing, and caring for your Cyclamen. However we are always available for any further advice or questions.

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Flower Profile: Amaryllis

At Jane Bidwell Flowers we know its nearly Christmas when the first of the cut amaryllis arrive in market! So with the festive season nearly upon us, we thought you might like to know a little more info on these beauties! :
  • These large South African flowers are the longest-lasting winter cut flower you can buy, and if treated correctly will last up to three weeks.
  • To get the most out of cut amaryllis, choose flowers in tight bud when they are less suspectable to bruising, and ask your florist to pack them into a box for transporting home.
  • To care for your amaryllis at home, cut the bottom off and insert a cane into the hollow stem to support the weight of the flower head.  When you push the cane in, it should stop just below the flower and should naturally stay in place.   This method should help to double the flower’s life.  
  • In our opinion they make a stunning display during the festive season simply placed in a sturdy vase with some sparkling birch twigs or pussy willow to create a fuller arrangement.
Please feel free to contact us if you need any other help or advice with Amaryllis x

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Christmas Workshop

Just a reminder for you to book onto our Christmas Floral Demonstration in aid of Waterside Cancer Support Centre.  Taking place on Thursday 5th December from 7.00pm at St John's Hall, Hythe, Hampshire.  Tickets cost £7.00 each and include Mulled Wine and a Mince Pie.  To book, give us a call on 023 8084 1114.  Hope to see you there x

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Friday's Table

Our beautiful table today, all ready for a busy Friday

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Todays Beauties

One of our beautiful #flower stands today #janebidwellflowers #hythe #loveit

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Prom Mania!!


This week at our lovely flower shop in Hythe we are busy creating prom corsage beauties for all you prom goers out there.   If you haven't put your order in yet then its still not too late!  You know where to find us!!!

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The Ultimate Prom Accessory at Jane Bidwell Flowers, Hythe

This week at Jane Bidwell Flowers we are creating new designs for the upcoming prom season. 

In true prom night tradition wrist corsages are a fun way to add a special individual touch to your or partner's prom ensemble.  

So whether its a classic Rose, sophisticated Orchid or funky Gerbera, the girls at Jane Bidwell Flowers will create a bespoke piece for you or your partner to wear. 

So pop on in to our shop in Hythe where one of our expert florists will be able to create a truly eye-catching design for your special evening.  And don't forget we also offer a range of matching buttonholes to complement the wrist corsages, perfect for couples who want to co-ordinate.



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